TripHop Sultan
Triphop Sultan(earlier Triphop Godlin), (born 7 12 2001) is aTamilTrip hopartist originating from theIndia. Prior to becoming a Band, he was part of the Triphop hop duoTripHop Sultan.The group remained underground music|underground .TripHop Sultan  It was a major success with both the general public and critics. While the duo are primarily independent musicians, they have also contributed to numerous works outside independent music, such as composing and performing music.

TripHop Godlin was born on 7 12 2001. Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India. 

The Musical Crew Started at 2016.The aim is to Make People Happy with his Music .They sang song and Participated More Concert.


He is working as the Recording artist,
Music Producer,Lyricist

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